Upcoming 2012 Dates In Italy & Croatia!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I can't offer any more updates about the new album yet, but that will all come soon enough.  For now I'm off to a little tour of Italy and Croatia.  Italy, you and I have been friends for a long time now, and it's always a beautiful chaotic delicious time when we hang out.  Croatia--really looking forward to meeting you for the first time.  I've been instructed to bring a swimsuit and a camera!

I'll be bringing a few of my most trustworthy guitars, a few surprises, and lots of new material, so I hope to see all my fancy gorgeous ragazzi at the shows.

I understand that posts like these elicit all kinds of responses like "Kaki please come to Indonesia/Argentina/Milwaukee/My Basement!!" Rest assured, we are working on a huge tour that will have me visiting much of the world in fall, winter, and 2013.  And for those places that are really off the beaten path--who knows?  Crowd funding is quite popular these days, maybe you guys can pool together some funds for a decent PA system in a funky barn or abandoned warehouse and we can have ourselves a show.  Just thinking out loud . . . for now.

Dates are below, hope to see you guys!

- Tenuta Potenti - Manduria, ITALY
7/2 - Roma Vintage - Rome, Italy
7/3 - Botanique Festival - Bologna, Italy
7/5 - Villa Siotto - Sardinia, Italy
7/6 - Aqua Vitae Festival - Bari, Italy
7/7 - Livorno Rock Village - Livorno, Italy
7/8 - Mixitè Festival - Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
7/9 - Festival delle Colline - Carmignano , Italy
7/10 - Circle Etnoblog - Trieste, Italy
7/12 - Club Jazz Tunel - Rijeka, Croatia
7/14 - Music Mornings at Stomorica - Zadar, Croatia
7/14 - Cultural Summer on Vis - Island of Vis, Croatia
7/16 - Calamus Jazz Fest - Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina 
7/17 - Dubrovnik Summer Festival - Dubrovnik, Croatia