Kaki King - "Cargo Cult" - "Glow"

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Discover the unique craft that goes into the making of a Kaki King record; an artist that Rolling Stone calls "a genre unto herself". Come behind the scenes to find out what goes into weaving those singular sonic textures, as Kaki reveals the inspiration and process that resulted in her latest album, "Glow", produced by D. James Goodwin (Available now on Velour Records).

"Making 'Glow' was one of the easiest things I've ever done. The songs seemed to write and arrange themselves, and as protective as I would like to be about these delicate creations, these already have an incredible life of their own. I don't really know where they all came from. I had wonderful help in getting them out, and now that they exist for your ears, I hope they become whatever you want or need them to be. Enjoy!" - Kaki King 10/9/12

The recording of her 6th LP spanned three locations (Malibu, CA; Brooklyn, NY; Woodstock, NY) and includes more instruments than most people could name. Ethos, a string quartet, makes appearances on two tracks on "Glow", (including "The Fire Eater" whose making is explored in this video). Another guest is Richmond on bagpipes, while Kaki rounds out the rest of the instruments, including her usual slate of myriad six-strings, a harpejji, piano, bass, drums, shakers, and numerous other percussive toys.

"This is a guitar record," Kaki says. "This is the sound of a person playing guitar. Whatever additions we made, the fundamental of this record is still one person playing a guitar. That's who I am."

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1. Great Round Burn
2. Streetlight in the Egg
3. Bowen Island
4. Cargo Cult
5. Kelvinator, Kelvinator
6. Fences
7. No True Masterpiece Will Ever Be Complete
8. Holding the Severed Self
9. Skimming the Fractured Surface to a Place of Endless Light
10. King Pizel
11. The Fire Eater
12. Marche Slav

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