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first there was sand

In October 2018 Kaki and Max traveled to Abu Dhabi to work with The Arts Center @ NYU Abu Dhabi, one of our earliest commissioning partners, spending 5 days with Bill Bragin, Linsey Bostwick and the rest of the team there. During their visit they (insert more text about: met with professors, went to the desert, videotaped other musicians, gave a workshop, etc…)

(INSERT SOME VIDEO from Abu Dhabi??)


Before the algorithms controlled our every thought

Before the ‘likes’ drove us to the verge of insanity

There was a time In the not so distant past

When we lived lives that cocooned us in the beauty of humanity.

- Kojo Baffoe

Ringing Rocks County Park is a rock field comprised of 7 acres of an otherwise wooded area in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Only about a third of the rocks ring, and for a long time why the rocks rang at all was unclear. However, in 1965 a group of scientists crushed, broke, and sliced the rocks. After performing numerous tests, they found that while all the rocks do in fact ring, they often do so at tones lower than the human ear can perceive. Interactions between these low tones create any audible sounds. However, the exact mechanism by which they ring still remains elusive, and it may have to do with the freeze-thaw cycle that helped created the boulder field in the first place.

Though many are tempted to illegally pocket a ringing rock for later use, it is futile, as the rocks lose their musical ability once taken away from the other stones.


Zoe Brecher

Shayna Dunkelman

Fiona Wilkes

Video by Tom Quigley


note: Can you explain how the guitar is triggering all of the clips, live?


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