Sea of Ghitarz.

Kaki's Guitars

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce you to some members of the up-coming traveling guitar-freak show.  Harp guitar, 7 string fanned fret nylon, high-tuned 12 string, and of course, the ovation, my original and favorite freak.  I woke up one morning at a friend's house and Ru Paul was there.  Yes, that Ru Paul . . . just, don't ask right now.  He said he shit his pants and his titties got hard when he saw the harp guitar, and I took that as a very good sign.  When I started to plan a large solo tour I wasn't sure how it was going to be different from what I had done years and years ago.  I mean, after all this time, how exactly was I supposed to play guitar differently?  I realized that the best solution was to play different guitars.  It's already proving to be an amazing challenge--reinterpreting some of the old favorite songs on these new weird friends of mine.  I'm also finally learning some covers of songs that inspired me to start playing in the first place when I was young.  It's been like going back to school, and my wee fingers are sore.  I'll send updates on my progress.

Also, I am so excited to be playing in Mexico City for the first time.  I promise to brush up on my Espanol!  It's essentially the first date of the tour, and it's going to be muy muy muy especial.

Hasta luego!