Hello everyone from Gothenburg, Sweden!!  Or, more directly, Gotenborg, with two little dots over the 'o.'  I always wanted to tour in Scandinavia but we haven't been here long enough to learn the difference between the krona and the kroner and the water with or without bubbles and the sausages and cheeses and football clubs and all the knowledge you HAVE to have to survive in Northern Europe.

Despite all this, here is the new kakiking.com website in god knows how long.  Yes, it's pretty typical: shows, music, photos, links, etc., but the content here will be exclusive and not available on mybebofacespaceliketumblriflikribook.  All of that content will be...

Rolling Stone reviewed Junior in this week's issue!  Three stars.  Here is what they had to say:

King is a guitar virtuoso whose genre of choice — indie-rock — forces her into an odd middle-ground between dexterous displays of technique and thorny evocations of self-doubt with titles like "Everything Has An End Even Sadness." Her fifth disc is her most songful, suggesting the tense alt-pop of Tegan & Sara by way of Bill Frisell and Leo Kottke. "Death Head" has real punk drive while "Falling Day" is hot goth-rock. She doesn't have a ton of vocal gravitas, and too much of...

Where are all of your friends?  You had so many!  I could have sworn I placed you all together in my foreign change cup.  It was practically overflowing.  I've got plenty of pounds sterling, about 8 Australian dollars, and even some krona from a far northern land.  Is it possible that I spent every Euro cent I had on the last month long tour and you are the only bit left?  No, this cannot be.

I'm going to need you to get on your wee cell phone and facebook and twitter and get your buddies collected on my countertop tomorrow since I'm leaving for the Netherlands, Holland, where all the Dutch people ride their boats to the North Sea.  I...

Damn did you save my life tonight. We rolled into Rotterdam via North Sea Fest Transport around 11 am this morning. I was determined to nip the jet lag in the bud but that was not to be. I fell asleep at 3 pm and woke up at 9. At least I'm well rested in some time zone.

Anyway, I have a question. Why does every European I meet or work with think that I'm gross for going for a late night falafel/shawarma/fries meal? It's cheap, fast, but not fast food. In many ways it reminds me of New York and on the go eats from Mamouns or Bereket or Chickpea. I love the pickled things and the sauces and how everything is thrown together so quickly it's like a sport. These places...

You are a dirty dirty old man, but I suppose you knew that already.

[what follows is a true story]

We weren't exactly hanging out at North Sea Jazz, but Tal introduced
us and you took a minor fleeting interest in the fact that I played
guitar.  Thank you for pretending to care.  This was at dinner in the
weird artist's buffet in the mall about a million kilometers away from
the bathroom.

I had played a show in the Yukon tent earlier that day.  Hands down
the hottest gig I've ever played in my life.  Rotterdam is not used to
warm warm temperatures, and we were playing in one of the...

You are one of my preferred places to have a layover in the purgatory
that is air travel.  Thank you for your decent asian restaurants and
your free wi-fi.

Dan, Jordan, Anna Bebee, and I are here on our way to Australia to
play some shows.  Going to Australia makes me outrageously excited for
a number of reasons.  Mainly that it will not be winter there.  I have
also recently started drinking coffee so I'm eager to put my knowledge
of long blacks and flat whites to work.  There is no way I could order
either of those without getting a whoopin' in Atlanta or Brooklyn.
Finally: netball.  While in WA...

Kaki's Guitars

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce you to some members of the up-coming traveling guitar-freak show.  Harp guitar, 7 string fanned fret nylon, high-tuned 12 string, and of course, the ovation, my original and favorite freak.  I woke up one morning at a friend's house and Ru Paul was there.  Yes, that Ru Paul . . . just, don't ask right now.  He said he shit his pants and his titties got hard when he saw the harp guitar, and I took that as a very good sign.  When I started to plan a...

How to tear a tendon in your right arm, or,  The Story of How I Tore My Tendon in My Right Arm.  I know you are all dying of curiosity.  SPOILER ALERT: this is totally boring.

I flew into an airport (MSP), put my huge guitar bags on a luggage cart, then proceeded to get in the wrong elevator, which was not properly sized for carts loaded with gigantic guitar bags, or even small guitar bags, or even a cart carrying a mandolin and a crate with a screaming cat in it.  Whilst getting into said elevator I hoisted my 50lb duffle bag, stuffed with no less than three guitars in cases, up and over my cart that was blocking the door, and in the yanking and heaving...

Dear everyone,

Just wanted to let you guys know my arm is doing much much better.  Lots of rest, ibuprofen, a visit to an orthopedist, and some acupuncture have all been invaluable in getting this little tendon back in shape.  No amputations necessary.  Your kind words of support have been so helpful during this time, and I can't thank you all enough.   An update on the cancelled Midwest shows (Minn, Chi, St. L.).  We are attempting to reschedule these shows for sometime during early summer, but hang with me because it takes some time to move schedules around.  Stay tuned. So, rescheduled shows notwithstanding, this weekend will mark the end of...

So, if anyone needs directions from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, I give you the following advice: while it looks like you can take a straight shot south and be there in a little over an hour by car, I highly recommend taking the scenic route by driving due east across the whole of Germany and into Poland, then make a U-turn and follow the route you just took.  It takes about 16 hours this way, but you get to go to the town of Szczecin and learn from the natives just how to pronounce it!

It's lovely to be here in Europe in the spring.  Really looking forward to playing in Poland for the first time as well as all of the other cities. (Hamburg, you know I have eyes for...

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming out to the last round of shows!  I'm back in NYC, hard at work taking power naps and seeding a fall garden.  Looking forward to having a little time off to get some writing done.  Record #6 is currently just a twinkle in my eye, but if anyone has been dying to hear me do something I haven't done before, speak now!  Much love to you all!

Hola everyone,
I'm looking forward to returning to Brazil in a matter of days.  I'll be bringing some guitars with me that you've seen before and some that are new.  I'm also going to be trying out some new songs on your ears, so that should get everyone excited.  See you soon, São Paulo!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I can't offer any more updates about the new album yet, but that will all come soon enough.  For now I'm off to a little tour of Italy and Croatia.  Italy, you and I have been friends for a long time now, and it's always a beautiful chaotic delicious time when we hang out.  Croatia--really looking forward to meeting you for the first time.  I've been instructed to bring a swimsuit and a camera!

I'll be bringing a few of my most trustworthy guitars, a few surprises, and lots of new material, so I hope to see all my fancy gorgeous ragazzi at the shows.

I understand that posts like...

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